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Professional Coaches
Professional Athletes

Clients of PBI Sports benefit from access to a network of professional support including marketing, contract negotiations, public relations, career planning and opportunities, corporate contacts, investments and life management as a one-stop shop. Clients have immediate access to a team of professionals to assist in dealing with what life throws at you.

We are one of the largest Coaches’ Agencies in North America, working with the highest potential individuals and pride ourselves on the degree of personalized and candid relationships we share with our clients. Choosing the right Agent goes well beyond providing the minimum of contract negotiation. We are an agency whose client strategy is highly selective. We base our success on "quality" of our clients and not the "quantity" of coaches we represent. We operate very closely with our clients to ensure that they are properly positioned socially, financially and for the right quality of life they choose to live.
PBI Sports offers a Concierge level of service to all of its clients. A one stop shop for all needs including Tax Planning, Legal Issues, Small Business advice, Public Relations, Wealth Management, Marketing, and Education. One call to PBI and everything gets dealt with and coordinated for you so that you can focus on what you excel at while not having to worry about "sweating the small stuff.

PBI Sports & Entertainment differentiates itself from traditional agency services in that Contract Negotiation is but one of the services PBI offers. Personal Brand Management is a key competitive differentiator for us which prominently positions athletes throughout and after their playing careers. Contact us now to learn more.

Building & Maximizing your Brand Value.