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PBI Sports & Entertainment is a representation agency for Pro Coaches, NCAA Coaches, Front Office management personnel across all team sports, as well as entertainment artists. We do not represent players in any pro leagues, however, we also have experience representing sports and news broadcasters in the media.  We conduct contract negotiations with hiring teams, and provide extensive guidance on employment contracts to our clients.


We are a team of thinkers and established business leaders who prioritize the needs of each client, helping establish, understand, manage and monetize their personal brand identity and values. We consistently add value in developing creative marketing strategies,  leveraging strategic decisioning for our personal brand clients, and providing meaningful, knowledge-based and smart input into career decisions. We strive to uncover, create and close on career opportunities driven by fit, culture, experience and knowledge. We manage personal brands. We manage and scrupulously oversee business affairs of our clients.  In other words, we keep the sharks away.

Our client list is comprised of over 70 Pro Coaches and General Managers in the NHL, NFL, NBA and many European professional leagues.  We also represent NCAA Coaches, Olympians, as well as established, up and coming musical artists.  We are an incredibly proud group of hard working, committed and genuine business people focused on maximizing personal brand values, and ensuring every one of our clients' brands and careers are in order.



Neil Glasberg
Billy Owens
Eric Gagné

Founder, President & CEO

Success requires having a strong leadership presence, an extensive network of sports contacts, and a sound strategic vision of delivering value-added career, employment, contract, endorsement and Advisory services. In addition to personal branding, Neil is the driver behind sports consulting and team restructuring opportunities.  A very knowledgeable and experienced senior executive in business and sports,  Neil proudly possesses all of the necessary attributes to provide guidance and strategic recommenations to personal branding clients, team owners and other sports properties. His infinite positive energy and a "let me prove it to you" attitude is the operating principle by which PBI proudly works with its clients. Talk to him and you'll see!

Associate Partner, Basketball

As a 6′ 8″ small forward from Syracuse University, Billy was selected 3rd overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 1991 NBA Draft. Owens’ career spanned ten seasons with the Warriors, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings, Seattle SuperSonics, Philadelphia 76ers, and Detroit Pistons.  After his professional playing career, Billy went on to be the Player Development Coach for the Dallas Mavericks.  Currently, Billy also works with several new sports ventures and initiatives where he is consistently adding value from a former player perspective.

Head of Baseball Operations

As the 845th player drafted in the 1994 MLB Draft, Eric's determination, perseverance and athleticism charted his professional 10 playing seasons culminating in winning the Cy Young Award in 2003, and a World Series ring in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox.  Eric's professional playing path was anything but "traditionall", and his ability to close out games was his brand and selling point.  Since retiring from MLB, Eric is extensively involved with several pro baseball business ventures, including joining PBI Sports where he will add significant value to recruiting and representing Coaches, Field Managers and General Managers.


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Branding, Negotiating, Marketing


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